The cost of removing the Sago palm tree is the same as that of other palm trees. Even though Sago palm isn’t technically a palm tree, it is still being treated like a palm tree.

Regular palm removal costs about $475, however, since Sago palm is a highly sought-after tree, you can get it removed for free by contacting landscaping companies or plant nurseries close to you.

Sago palm is an expensive palm tree valued by nurseries and hobbyists. This is because it grows at a very slow pace, producing just one frond in a year.

What is Sago palm?

Sago palms are unique plants that take their origin from Japan and some parts of Asia. They are also grown in warm countries such as America and Australia as houseplants. The plant has a thick and hairy trunk with lovely feathery leaves.

Sago palms belong to a group of ancient tropical and subtropical plants. They are unique because they grow from a trunk without branching out. Sago palms are long-lasting and can live for up to a hundred years. They are slow-growing and will produce one new fond each year.

Even though Sago palms dwell in warmer weather, they can also cope with a bit of snow. This is why they’re easily left outside during the winter.

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Are Sago Palms worth money?

Sago palms are more expensive than most trees of similar sizes. This is because it is not easy to grow them. The cost of a Sago palm depends on the size and age.

Sago Palms can be bought from plant nurseries, florists, and gardening stores for between $50 and $350, depending on the size.

While Sago Palms are expensive as they get larger, you may be able to buy from a hobbyist slightly cheaper. Some people who enjoy gardening will sell plants to friends and neighbors at a cheaper rate to make some extra cash. Local markets are also a great place to purchase plants like Sago palms.

Why are Sago Palms expensive?

Sago palms are an expensive plant, especially if you’re looking for a larger size. The main reason they are expensive is that they grow very slowly and are highly demanded.

A Sago palm that is up to 36 inches will likely be older than seven years. It can take up to a hundred years to grow a Sago palm tree to a height of 20 feet.

Are Sago palms easy to remove?

Even though Sago palms don’t grow tall, they’re not easy to remove like most trees. Small Sago palms with trunk diameters around 4 inches or less are much easier to dig from the soil than larger ones.

The small palms even take a lot of work. If you’re looking to remove a large Sago palm, it’s best to request the help of tree removal companies to do the hard work.

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How poisonous is a Sago palm?

Sago palms are spiky plants that are toxic when eaten. Every part of the plant is toxic, including the seeds and thorns. The seeds (nuts) are the most toxic part of the plant. Sago palm contains Cycasin, which is the primary active toxic agent that can irritate the digestive system.

Due to the toxicity of the whole plant, it’s important to avoid punctures by the thorns of the Sago palm tree.

A substantial level of Cycasin, when eaten, can lead to severe liver failure in humans and pets. Dogs are especially at risk of Cycasin poisoning because they seem to enjoy the taste of the plants. If you have sago palms around your home, you should avoid your dogs and cats from getting close to them.

When pets are exposed to Sago palm, they often experience symptoms like depression, weakness, vomiting, runny stools, appetite loss, bruises, exhaustion, severe stomach aches, unusual thirst, and bloody fecal matter. If you notice any of these symptoms in your pet, you should seek immediate vet intervention.

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You can look out for tree companies in your area that may pick interest in your Sago palm tree.

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Free Palm Tree Removal

For exotic species, Free palm tree removal services are available depending on your state or county. One of the most valuable trees that can be removed for free is the Sago palm tree.

Most often, you’ll be getting paid in addition to the tree removal service. This is because the Sago palm is a highly sought-after tree that is also very scarce to find.

Most tree companies or nurseries will be eager to pay for it because it is easy to transplant it to other places where there are interested buyers.

How to remove Sago Palm

There are two major ways to get rid of the Sago palm tree from your yard. It is either you uproot the tree or kill it with chemicals.

The method to choose depends on your end goal. If the tree is healthy and you’d like to get some dollars on it, you should call tree removal experts or nurseries close to you. They will skillfully remove the tree in order to transplant it to other places.

If the tree is not healthy and you feel it can’t be of any further use elsewhere, you can get rid of it totally. Either way, the best method is to contact tree service companies to remove it with their expertise. Sago palm is a toxic tree and you may not be able to handle it alone.

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