In certain cities, seniors can access complimentary services to remove trees that pose potential hazards due to being dead, dying, or decaying.

There is no country-wide federal program to assist seniors with tree removal, but lots of cities and counties have their own programs. Most are geared towards dead, dying, or hazardous trees. Help is available for lower-income households.

If your city or county does not have a program, there are other ways to get cheap or free tree removal.

Free Tree Removal for Seniors
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Escambia County

For trees that are posing a danger to your residence in Escambia County, you can take advantage of the Community Redevelopment Agency’s Residential Hazardous Tree Program 1.

You will be eligible for free tree trimming or removal service as a senior whose household income does not exceed 80 percent of Escambia County Median Area Income. Also, the tree or its limb must have obvious signs of rot or damage. Your property must be free of outstanding judgment liens, code violations, and/or delinquent taxes.

You can reach out to the Escambia CRA for free tree removal for seniors at 221 Palafox Place, Suite 305, Pensacola FL 32502, or send an email to


Home Maintenance Services for seniors

Several home maintenance services for seniors are obtainable in Alabama. Free tree removal is one of them. Depending on your location, you can request for free tree removal services by requesting assistance from the local providers in this database.

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