If you’re looking to get rid of the oak tree in your yard, you may be wondering if it’s possible to get a free removal service.

Getting your oak tree removed for free is not common, although not impossible. Many tree companies are likely interested in the oak tree if they have the facility to process it for timber. Oak is a desirable tree for wood and timber but the value is not enough to compensate for the tree removal cost.

Feel free to negotiate with tree companies around you. You may be lucky to have a few bucks removed from the actual removal cost. On the other hand, if the oak tree is posing an obvious danger to your neighborhood, you can take advantage of the hazardous tree removal programs.

How much does it cost to cut down an oak tree

Lumber companies

If you have a large number of Oak trees on your property, you should reach out to lumber companies around you to see if they’ll be willing to remove them for free in exchange for their timber. This is especially possible if the trees are easily accessible to be felled without hindrance.

However, it’s not common to have them over in order to remove a single Oak tree from your residential property. A single Oak tree is definitely not worth the cost of labor.

Homeowners and neighbors in need of firewood

If you’re lucky to live in a neighborhood that cares for firewood, it will be an opportunity to get your Oak tree removed for free. Feel free to announce your intention to get rid of such a tree. You may be lucky to get someone in need of firewood.

The person in need of firewood will do the removal job or pay for the cost if he’s hiring a tree company. This is mostly possible in rural communities where people heat their homes with firewood and where you can easily communicate your needs.

Oak Tree Removal For Free

How much is an oak tree worth?

The value of an oak tree1 varies greatly. It depends on the species, the quality, the health condition, and the size. If an oak tree is in a yard, its value is more in aesthetics and shade cast than the value of the wood.

Oaks trees are great producers of one of the planet’s hardest and most durable timbers. In addition to its use in construction, it is equally used for flooring, wine barrels, and firewood.

The leaves, bark, and acorns of oak trees are also of great value. The leaves were believed to heal many medical ailments such as diarrhea, inflammation, and kidney stones.

The acorns have also been used to make flour for bread, and the tannin found in the bark has been used to tan leather.

Oaktree plantations are deemed more valuable than single ones in a yard. To know your oak tree’s actual worth, it must be assessed by a tree company.

An oak tree assessed for timber can be worth anywhere from 15 cents a board foot for pallet material quality up to $1.20 per board foot for high-quality logs.

Will utilities remove my Oak tree for free?

If your Oak tree is located close to powerlines, you should inform your utility company for free tree removal.

Trees that grow too close to electric lines are a potential hazard. They can cause power interruptions when branches touch overhead lines. Most importantly, electrical arcing and sparking from a wire to a nearby tree branch can cause fires. This is why you shouldn’t call your utility company if your Oak tree is located close to any powerline.

You should not DIY a tree that’s touching an electrical wire, whether it’s a major utility line or the service line to your house.

Utility companies will hire line clearance experts who are certified to work on removing such a tree to prevent hazards.

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Will I need a permit to remove an oak tree?

Whether you need a permit to remove your Oak tree or not will depend on the local laws relating to tree removal in your city or state. Each state has a Tree Ordinance that outlines which trees can be removed and which trees will need a permit from the council.

If you have a large oak tree, there are chances that your oak tree is protected and you’ll need a permit before you proceed. It is illegal to cut down oak trees that are protected without first obtaining a permit.

Check with your local government council to know if you’re free to remove your oak tree before you proceed.

How much does it cost to cut down an oak tree?

Oak trees are difficult to cut down compared to most trees because they are made of incredibly strong wood. The height, strength, and girth of your oak tree will determine the cost of removal.

The average cost of oak tree removal is $1,600. The range of prices starts at $350 for small oak trees and can be as much as $4,500 for very large and difficult ones.

Will Homeowners’ Insurance cover my Oak tree removal?

Your insurance coverage and the status of the tree will determine whether you get a free tree removal for your oak tree. If your Oak tree is healthy without posing any obvious danger, homeowners insurance will likely not cover the removal.

Your insurance policy traditionally covers damages from named circumstances such as windstorms, fire, lightning, falling objects, snow, or sleet. In most cases, if a tree falls on your home under any instance as mentioned above, insurance will cover the cost of removal.

If your tree is healthy without any sign of hazard, then you should seek help from means other than your homeowners’ insurance.

Will the city cut an Oak tree for free?

If the Oak tree is on the city’s land, they will likely remove the tree at no cost to you if it is hazardous to your home. The cost of removing Oak trees that are on your property will need to be covered by you.

If there’s a tree on the city’s property hanging over your property or home, you should report this to your local government and they will pay for the experts to come and remove the offending branches or the whole tree.

Will the city cut an Oak tree for free
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Oak Tree Removal companies near me

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