Every tree accumulates deadwood. Based on the tree’s size, this situation can pose significant risks since the deadwood will ultimately fall. Additionally, failing to remove deadwood can adversely affect the tree’s well-being.

The average cost range to deadwood a tree is $250 to $950. Prices are based on tree size and amount of deadwood.

Removing deadwood on a routine basis will help the tree heal and is very beneficial for its vitality.

removing deadwood from tree

Deadwooding is the removal of dead or dying branches from a tree. As a tree grows new branches, not all of them make it. Some are attacked by pests or fungus or don’t get enough light. When these branches die, the practice of removing them is called deadwooding.

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Benefits of deadwooding a tree

Deadwooding is a very common practice in arboriculture and is done to improve:

Tree appearance – Firstly, a tree looks great after it has been deadwooded. 

Reduce risk of injury – Deadwood on large trees can be a real hazard. They can break tiles on a roof as they fall, damage cars and cause serious injury to anyone unlucky enough to be struck by one.

Tree health – Once a branch does, as tree will begin to try and heal the wound. While the branch is still attached, this is not possible. They will fall off in time, but removing them fast and safely will help the trees heal time, which in turn helps the overall health of the tree.

A dead tree branch is a super highway to the heat of the tree and allows pests, water, and disease to enter the tree’s heartwood, which is not good. Removing deadwood is vital to a trees lingevity.

Cost of pro deadwood removal by tree size

When it comes to the cost of deadwood removal, the type of tree, the location, and the size of the tree are some of the factors that contribute to the overall cost of removing deadwood.

Trees that are close to fences, roofs, sheds, or other structures require additional care when pruning large branches and this will contribute to the high cost of labor.

Size of the treeAverage cost to deadwood
Small (10 - 20 Feet)$250 - $525
Medium (20 - 30 Feet) $390 - $720
Large (30 - 50 Feet)$500 - $1,200
Extra-Large (50 - 100 Feet)$740 - $2,000
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Cost to deadwood a tree by species

The cost to deadwood a tree varies from one tree to the next. Fruit trees are most demanding of pruning and many of the fruit trees grown across America are spurring types. A spur is a small branch that flowers and grows fruit. Proper pruning helps produce more spurs and, therefore, more fruit. The table below shows some common trees with average pruning costs.

Type of treeAverage deadwooding costs
Oak$850 - $1,700
Maple$400 - $1,000
Sycamore $400 - $1,000
Eucalyptus$850 - $1,500
Pine$400 - $750
Cottonwood$400 - $850
Dogwood$400 - $650
Spruce$300 - $700
Connifer$300 - $600
Plum$200 - $500
Pear$250 - $550
Fig$250 - $550
Apple$300 - $600