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Best Places to Find Tree Service Companies Near Me

There are a couple of places you can look when trying the best-priced tree service near you. Below we show you a couple of options and what to look for.

Following these tips will allow you to lower the average price of estimates you receive for professional tree services.

The local newspaper

Newspapers are a little bit hit-and-miss these days. As you get little to no information about the company in there, just a company name, a short sales pitch and a phone number.

They were once the go-to source for all trades, but the problem is newspapers don’t care who is advertising in their paper. If you have the money, you can advertise.

They may ask for a license number to display but rarely check the company out. As long as they pay the fee, then they are good to go.

Try to avoid the local paper.

Do an internet search instead

In 2023 you find a large majority of searches for contractors, such as “tree services near me” are done online and for good reason.

Once you have found a prospective tree service company to quote your job, you can look at reviews from previous customers, search their business register, and do a host of other checks.

We can see if it’s a real business with real people, including photos of them in action, plus we can make sure they are registered as business licensed and insured.

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How GoTreeQuotes saves you time and money

We are actually a FREE estimate for tree services with a curated list of the top-voted local family-owned tree services.

You could spend hours trying to find the best local companies to quote your job, but we can trump that by getting the best-priced and top-voted local companies to provide cost estimates on your job.


How does it work?

GoTreeQuotes is a fast, easy, and free way to compare quotes for tree removal online. 

Previous users in your area have voted on the best local tree service by price and service. We can recommend three local services to quote your job based on those votes.

  1. Scroll to the top of the page and enter your zip code
  2. Answer a few quick questions about your tree job
  3. Three top-voted local professionals contact you with an obligation-free price.

No hard sales, just friendly advice and great prices.

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What paperwork you MUST ask arborists for before hiring

There are a few standard things you need to research and look for before you hire an arborist. We’re going to go through those below.

You need to make sure you check all these boxes BEFORE you engage them for a quote, as there are quite a few unlicensed gardeners who do not have the experience all the expertise to perform tree cutting or removal.

They also may give you very poor advice as they are probably not aware of the laws for tree trimming and removal in your city, which can land you in hot water if you remove a tree without a council permit.

For more information on council permits in your area, have a look at the Tree Preservation Ordinance for your city here.

Minimum experience

Your local tree maintenance service should have a minimum of 3 years of experience under his or her belt.

Ideally, you would have someone with 7 to 10 years of industry experience, but a minimum of 3 ensures that they’ve been in the game long enough to be able to tackle your job with ease.

Always check reviews

This is a big one. When looking at reviews of companies, make sure they have at least 15 reviews or more. Most people can find 15 friends with a Gmail account to give them a positive review. But if they have 20, 30, or even 40+ really good reviews, it’s a little hard to fake that level of positive feedback.

Are they insured and licensed arborists?

Never be shy in asking for arborists’ credentials. They would be used to it by now because the industry lends itself to shady tradesmen. You will find them more than happy to prove who they say they are.

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Hiring a tree service near me

It’s always advisable to get at least 3 quotes/estimates from tree services near you before deciding on one. This is because the first one might give a quote that sounds reasonable, and might be a great salesman, but it could well be too high.

Or maybe the second or third guy is offering to spread free mulch for your garden afterward.

The point is you don’t know what you’re missing out on unless you wait for all 3 quotes to come in before making your decision.

Bonus tips:

#1. You should always get a separate estimate on tree removal/ land clearing including the tree stump, and another estimate with stump grinding separately. Stump removal is relatively easy to do yourself and if you stand to save $400 + it might be worthwhile.

#2. The average cost of using professional tree removal/experts is much higher than using a lawn care company that also provides tree care services. They can only handle smaller jobs, such as trees smaller than a single-story house, but it is worth saving.

#3. Going the DIY land-clearing route and removing the tree yourself can save you hundreds. You need to be aware that using a chainsaw is dangerous and I do not recommend you take on a tree any larger than 15 feet. Anything larger you should leave to a certified arborist.

#4. Make sure you comply with the city’s rules with tree removal by obtaining a permit first if required and planting trees to replace the ones removed.

Best of luck!


The price will vary greatly depending on the tree and the location of your property. You could pay as little as $225 for a small tree that is an easy job. Or you could pay $3,900 if the tree is particularly large and difficult, or the job is deemed very dangerous. The average cost of tree removal currently stands at around seven hundred dollars per tree removal.

You will need to check individual policies but as a general rule, the answer is no. If the tree has fallen and caused damage, then the tree removal is most likely covered, but you cannot claim for a tree that is still standing.

As a general rule of thumb, trees should be trimmed in winter. The reason for this is mainly to do with the health of the tree. Trees are dormant in winter so removing limbs will be less of a shock to their system. Pests like bora beetles or fungal infections like Oak wilt are also less prevalent in winter which gives your tree time to heal before summer hits.

Yes. You can save an average of 20% off the price of tree trimming just by having the job done in winter. Because there is a slump in work for arborists over the winter, they need to lower their prices to be more competitive. In winter you find yourself on the right side of the supply and demand paradigm.

Yes, you need to use an arborist for any tree that is larger than 5m (single-story house). Tree pruning and removal are highly dangerous and need to be carried out by a professional arborist with the expertise and tools to do the job in a safe and efficient manner. There are plenty of “gardeners” who will claim to be able to do the job, but few will have the tools experience, or insurance to cover them in case of an accident.

In most cases, the answer is no. It’s like asking a demolition company to demolish your house because they can sell copper pipes and wire for scrap metal. The cost of tree removal far outweighs the potential return from firewood.

That being said, there are some mature palm trees that are highly desirable. Canary Island Date Palms is a great example. You would need to find a landscaper or local nursery willing to pay for it or remove the tree for free, but your chance of getting this done is much higher than with any other tree.

A lot of local tree services will not be willing to give a firm price until they see the job first. This is actually a plus for you as there will be no surprises for you when they arrive. They could easily announce that it will cost extra because the tree looked smaller in the photo.

The opposite is also true, you may get over-quoted over the phone when it is really a simple job. You are best inviting potential services out to view and price the tree job.

You will need to check individual policies but as a general rule, the answer is no. If the tree has fallen and caused damage, then the tree removal is most likely covered, but you cannot claim for a tree that is still standing.

A lot of financial institutions do grant loans for home improvement works, but you would need to consult a financial expert for more information on this subject as it will depend on your personal situation.

Ben McInerney
Author: Ben McInerney - Ben is a qualified arborist with 15 plus years of industry experience in Arboriculture. He ran a successful tree service before turning to writing and publishing. Ben is dedicated to providing users with the most accurate up-to-date information on everything trees.