All homeowners are aware that pruning plays an essential role in the upkeep of trees. Unlike the common misconception, it is distinct from trimming. The purpose of pruning is to enhance the tree’s health, whereas trimming primarily focuses on aesthetic appeal and landscaping.

The national average cost of tree pruning services stands at $423, with most owners paying anywhere from $75 to $1,200.

Below, we break down the factors that affect these pruning costs and how to find the right expert for the job.

fruit tree pruning cost

You can expect tree pruning costs will depend on factors including the size of the tree, its condition, location and accessibility, and the type of tree.

You’ll spend anywhere from $75 to $400 to prune small trees (less than 5m high). Medium and large trees will demand extra labor and equipment since the tree branches involved are heavy. This may cost you between $350 – $650 and $700 – $1,200 respectively.

Most tree arborists will also charge you higher to prune trees located closer to power lines, buildings, or other utility lines.

Generally, the more dangerous the task is, the more expensive pruning becomes.

The health of the tree is also factored into the costs. Disease-stricken trees will often require more pruning than healthier trees and thus drive up the total costs.

Type of treeAverage pruning cost
National Average$423
833 604 1315

Tree Pruning Cost by Tree Type

In cases where you have different types of trees, the pruning costs will also vary depending on the tree. This is because the trees come in different sizes in both height and thickness.

Here’s how much you can expect to pay for different types of trees in the country.

Type of TreeAverage Pruning Cost
Cherry Tree$250
Lemon Tree$150
Palm Tree$350
Apple Tree$470
Peach Tree$525
Pear Tree$400
Maple Tree$700

Should I DIY or Hire a Pro?

In most cases, tree trimming and pruning seem like an easy task for any Do-It-Yourself enthusiast. After all, it saves you some extra cash.

However, this is a bad choice, and here’s why. Tree work is typically a dangerous job. In fact, the US Census Bureau lists it as among the most dangerous jobs in the country.

Regardless of your DIY experience, you will easily injure yourself or damage your property without the right team and equipment.

And even if you do it right the first time, most DIY pruners tend to cause future damage to the trees. This then becomes a huge hazard for you and your family.

That’s why you should always hire a professional tree expert.

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