During storm events, significant damage can be anticipated. Trees often fall victim to storms, with their age and robustness offering little protection. The resultant damage to trees can leave them looking unsightly, prompting a desire for their removal.

Depending on the size of the tree and whether it is an emergency, you will pay $200-$2000 to remove a storm-damaged tree. The average cost of tree removal is $750. A standing tree costs more to remove than a fallen tree.

Storms may bring down trees and cut down branches. They can leave tree stumps or cause accidents and injuries. All of these will affect tree removal costs after a storm.

Storm Damage Tree Removal Cost
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Factors affecting storm damage tree removal cost

Emergency removal

During a storm, it is likely that a tree will fall. If the tree falls on a home, car, or path, tree removal is an emergency.

Emergency tree removal costs more than regular tree removal. Why? It costs more than regular tree removal because the tree removal service provider you call must stop everything and handle your emergency.

You will pay $879-$6,000 for emergency tree removal. The cost of emergency tree removal may double or triple regular tree removal.

Size of the tree

The larger the tree, the more you will pay for its removal.

Professional tree removers assess the tree size to determine how much to charge. Therefore, the higher the tree, the more you will pay. The larger the trunk diameter, the more you will pay for tree removal.


Obstacles or other things around the tree to be removed will impact the cost of removal.

Trees near electricity wires1 or other utilities will be hard to remove. It is more expensive to remove a tree that is around obstacles. The more difficult it is to remove a tree, the more you will pay for its removal.

State of the tree

The healthier the tree, the more difficult it is to remove. A dead tree is easier to remove than a healthy tree.

Tree removal service providers charge more to remove healthy trees. It will take a longer time to cut through a healthy trunk than a dead tree.

Storms damage both healthy and unhealthy trees. The state of the tree will determine how much you will pay to remove the damaged tree.

Additional services

Tree removal service providers also provide additional services. These services are charged separately from the tree removal.

If the storm made your tree fall, you need to remove tree stumps left on the ground.

Stump removal charges depend on the type of tree. Easy-to-remove stumps are cheaper.

Other additional services include debris removal, converting the tree to firewood, and cleaning up. You will pay for these services separately.

Factors to consider when removing storm damage trees

Condition of the tree

Storms3 affect trees in different ways. Some trees that will be removed after a storm may have broken branches, uprooted, or split into two. Others may be hanging in the air, suspended by broken branches, or other items.

Depending on the condition of the tree, you will need a professional to remove them. Trees that have not reached the ground after a storm are likely to cause damage to nearby property when they do.

They are also prone to cause injuries when handled improperly. It is best to have professionals handle the tree.

Is it an emergency?

You can expect a high demand for emergency tree removal after a storm. Consequently, the price for tree removal will be high.

Therefore, consider whether you need to call for tree removal as an emergency. If you need emergency tree removal, call your local emergency providers first. They will then call a tree removal professional. It will save you the high cost of emergency tree removal.

If you don’t need emergency tree removal, you can DIY tree removal for storm-damaged trees or hire a pro when the demand is down for a better price.

Home insurance

If a tree falls on your property after a storm, contact your home insurance2 provider. They will assess the damage and hire a tree removal service for you. They will also pay for any repairs on the damage caused to your home by the tree or storm.

Do you need removal?

When a tree falls after a storm, you may not have to remove it. You can save money by choosing to cut it up or only cut the branches off.

You can hire a professional arborist to cut the branches or chop the fallen tree into firewood. This costs less than having to uproot and remove the remaining tree stump.

You can also choose to sell the firewood if you will not use it.

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