Clearing land can often come with a hefty price tag, and locating affordable services might be challenging, particularly for those working within a limited budget. However, there are numerous methods by which you can have your land cleared at no cost.

You can be lucky to get your land cleared for free by giving out the trees away for wood or timber in exchange for the removal cost. If you’re also a DIYer and the trees on your land are small trees that you can handle, you can also consider removing them yourself.

Let’s find out several ways you can have your land cleared for free.

Here are several ways you can have your land cleared for free.

  1. Firewood sellers – Negotiating free tree removal in exchange for wood is a great place to start.
  2. Logging companies – sell your trees to logging companies
  3. Tree Removal Assistance Program – Some government grants are available to cover the cost of removing your trees.
  4. Plant nurseries close to you – Sell highly sought-after trees to nurseries so they can resell at a profit.
  5. DIY the job – With the right tools and skills, you can personally handle tree removal and bush clearing.
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How much does it cost to clear 1 acre of land?

The national average cost to clear land is about $3,680 per acre. This is the price of an averagely dense acre of land that is lightly wooded with some larger trees. Heavily wooded lots of land with mainly large trees can cost up to $7,569 or more per acre of land.

The factors that determine the cost estimates of land clearing include tree density in the area, size of the tree, landscape, time of the year, and the tree service company.

Will loggers clear land for free?

Some logging companies and firewood sellers will remove your trees for free. This is an easy way for them to source lumber they can then sell at a profit. If the trees can be used for high-quality timber, it’s a win-win for both of you.

Selling trees for firewood is also a good choice even if it doesn’t sound as profitable as timber. Your aim of having someone cut down the trees will be achieved after all.

If you’re lucky to have exotic tree species such as Oak Tree for timber and some valuable palm species, it’s an added advantage. You will not only be getting your land cleared for free but may also get additional cash depending on the value of the trees.

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Will you need a permit to clear your land?

If the land you are clearing is full of trees, you may need to check with your local council first before starting the process. It’s important to determine whether you will need a permit before you remove any or some of the trees.

Land clearing laws vary from state to state. In many cases, small and dead trees can be removed without a permit, but larger trees or a clearing of acres will need prior consent from the council.

Please refer to your local tree laws and ordinances to see whether you will need a permit before you start to clear your land.

Can I clear my land myself?

You can DIY your land clearing if you have access to the right tools. You should also be aware of the local state laws regarding tree removal before getting started. However, it is faster and safer to hire land-clearing professionals compared to doing it yourself. Also, if the cost of hiring tools such as chainsaws, mulching machines, and excavators is considered, it may be cheaper to hire land-clearing companies.