Maple trees are one of the most common trees in the United States, so the cost to remove them is a veru common question.

The average cost of a maple tree removal is $1,225. If you have a small to medium-sized tree, your estimate might go as low as $450, right up to $3,450 for large maple trees above 60ft.

Below we look at the various sizes and costs estimates as well as factors that contribute to cost.

Maple tree removal cost
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Small Maple Tree Removal

A small maple tree is usually 15 – 25ft tall. The average small maple tree removal cost will range from $350 to $650. The width of its root mostly determines the cost of the stump removal and labor.

Medium Maple Tree Removal

A medium-sized maple tree would be 25 – 40ft in height and cost about $510 – $1,760 for removal.

Such trees are usually at their intermediate maturity growth as they are not yet fully developed.

Large Maple Tree Removal

The average cost of removing a large maple tree range from about $1,625 to $3,450. Maple trees have a mature height of 40 – 60 feet, with some rare species growing as high as 100 feet. However, the actual cost of maple tree removal will differ based on the factors discussed below.

Maple tree removal cost by size

Factors That Influence The Cost Of Maple Tree Removal

Factors that affect the actual cost of removing a maple tree are the size of the tree, accessibility, tree health, and whether the tree company will remove your tree stump.

Height of the Tree

The height of a tree is a significant factor in determining the cost of your tree removal. A small tree is easier to remove, as there are fewer branches to cut off and a smaller stump to uproot.

A taller tree will have more branches and a well-developed stump which will be more tasking to remove and will cost a larger fee.


The accessibility of the maple tree you wish to remove has a very significant influence on the cost of its removal.

Trees far away from buildings and other structures will give more access to machinery for easy removal. While a tree in proximity to your building might be harder to access with equipment.

A tree service company may resort to using manual equipment and extra workers for tree removal. This is to ensure that your structures are safe and to avoid accidents and it can inflate the cost of removal.

Tree Species

Some tree species are more desirable to tree service companies than others. Maple is one of such trees that is suitable for lumber companies since they can be used in furniture, flooring, cabinetry, paneling, veneer, musical instruments, tool handles, cutting boards, butcher blocks, wooden bowls, boxes, crates, and lots more. Small maple trees can also be sold in nurseries for replanting.

Diameter of the Trunk

For matured maple trees, the root of the tree will run deep and its stump will be large and will have to be chopped into smaller bits during removal. Tree service companies will dig around the tree to evaluate the width and depth of the trunk before issuing you an estimate.

Evacuation and Cleaning

Evacuation of tree debris and cleaning of the environment can influence the cost of tree removal. You can decide to have your tree service company haul away the debris or hire a skip to help you eliminate the green waste. On the other hand, you can decide to keep the debris as firewood or give it out to neighbors.

Hazardous Trees

A diseased tree or dead tree may come at different costs depending on the situations surrounding it. If the dead tree is still standing, it becomes difficult to remove the branches because it will require extra equipment to climb it. This will tend to add to the cost of removal. However, if the dead tree is already fallen, the amount of work needed will be reduced and so is the cost.

Emergency Removal

If your tree has fallen due to a storm or other hazards that require emergency removal, you may end up paying more than the actual removal cost. This is because the tree company will have to leave all they are doing to attend to your needs.

Geographic Location

The distance traveled by the tree company to remove a tree in your home may affect the cost you will be paying for tree removal. If you hire a company within your vicinity, it’s likely that you won’t be charged for mileage. However, if you hire a company that needs to travel a long distance, you should prepare to add their mileage fees to the actual tree removal cost.

How To Remove a Maple Tree for Free

If you can not afford to hire a certified contractor to remove the tree, you may consider a DIY removal. However, if you don’t have enough skills to DIY your tree removal, you can consider any of the following options.

Timber Companies

If you have a matured maple tree or more than one tree on your property to remove, you can reach out to any construction company or lumber company close to you.

In some cases, your request will be accepted and they will remove the tree for their use at no cost to you.

Home Shelters and Neighbours

If you live in a remote area, you can put out a notice to your neighbors and offer your tree as a donation in the form of firewood.

Write to the City Council

If the maple tree has become a hazard to you and your property, or if it is standing on the city’s land, you can write to your local council expressing your concerns, stating reasons you think your community or home is at risk. If your claims are verified to be valid, the tree will be removed at no cost to you. Sometimes, you may need to take care of the clearing or hauling.

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