Lakewood Township ordinance is a set of rules and regulations governing any tree removal activity within the city.

Remember: For you to remove trees in the city, you will need to get a permit.

In Lakewood Township city codes, you’ll find tree removal requirements and other essential tree removal guidelines. It also contains penalties for violations of tree removal guidelines. What we have here is a summary of some of the frequently asked questions about tree removal.

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Yes. You have to first apply and procure a permit from the Shade Tree Commission. You are to give reasons as to why you want the tree removed. If the commission rejects your permit application, you are not to remove any tree in the public space of Lakewood Township.

Can the City of Lakewood Township authorize the removal of private trees?

Yes. The Shade Tree Commission has the power to authorize removal through a written notice to the property owner. The city code states that the following trees are to be removed or trimmed by the owner;

  • Trees encroaching onto the sidewalk, roadway, and other public rights of way. The surface of the right-f-way should be cleared upwards 10 feet from the ground and the encroaching vegetation trimmed back to the property line.
  • Trees that harbor insects or diseases that can spread to other healthy trees.
  • Trees that harbor or attract rodents
  • Trees that are a threat to the public right of way

Failure to comply with the notice results in monetary fines and an assessment made against the property for the cost of bringing the premises to compliance.

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Tree removal permit Lakewood2

Who is responsible for city trees in the City of Lakewood Township?

The Shade Tree Commission has control over regulation, planting, care, and tree removal on streets, public places, and parks. The commission is composed of residents of Lakewood Township who are appointed by the Township Manager.

Who is responsible for the maintenance of trees on private property in the City of Lakewood Township?

The property owner is responsible for the trees growing on their property and the Shade Tree Commission for the trees growing in public spaces. They have to care for and conduct any maintenance activities on the trees, including leaf collection.

Leaves collection in Lakewood Township city

Lakewood Township has taken leaves collection within the municipality seriously to prevent leaves from entering water systems. They also ensure proper leaf recycling.

Leaves should be placed in the street for collection within 10 days before the scheduled collection period in every zone.

Refer to the zone map and schedule to know your leaves collection dates.

Some of the leaves collection guidelines include;

  • Leaf piles must be placed at least 10 feet from any storm drain inlets
  • The leaf piles must not be wider than 5 feet from the curb.
  • Mixed-up leaves with brush, limbs, grass, trash, and other debris are never picked.
  • Bagged and containerized leaves are not collected.
  • One should avoid placing loose brush left out during the leaf season on the streets during that period.
  • The brush may be placed in green garbage carts for collection with household garbage. Bulk trash collection containerized or bundled brush.

Who can apply for a tree removal permit in the City of Lakewood Township?

Anyone can apply for a permit, but those with satisfying reasons are more likely to be granted. If you’re removing trees for personal gain, the applicant is to cover all the costs and is liable for any damages encountered during the tree removal process. The applicant may be required to deposit an amount equivalent to the tree’s value to be removed. The most common applicants are; homeowners, property owners, and certified commercial tree companies.

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