Glendale tree ordinance is a set of rules designed to control work on trees in the city. Through this, the tree cover is maintained.

Following the city tree ordinance, there are certain trees that require a removal permit before trimming or removal.

Here you will find a summary of the tree ordinance with information on when you need a permit, trees that require a permit, fees, and how to get one.

Yes. But under certain conditions.

If your trees are among the protected trees, then you need to get a permit from the director of public works.

If the trees are also heritage or significant then you have to get a permit from the director of public works.

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Glendale City Protected Trees

Protected trees are those that fall under the list of heritage or significant trees. They can be found either on public or private property.

Trees with a trunk diameter of 6 inches and above when taken at 54 inches height from the ground are also protected.

In case the tree has more than 1 trunk, and the diameter of the two combined is 8 inches or more measured at 54 inches in height is also protected.

They should be part of any of the following species. Scrub Oak (Quercus berberidifolia), California Live Oak (Quercus agrifolia), California Bay (Umbellularia californica), California Sycamore (Platanus racemosa), and Valley Oak (Quercus lobata).

Inspection and maintenance of street trees in Glendale city

It is the responsibility of the director of public works to authorize the inspection of city street trees in case it is deemed necessary.

This can be a result of diseases or infestation, growth problems, or physical issues.

In relation to this, the director also has the power to authorize the removal, pruning, or planting of street trees in Glendale.

Here are circumstances under which street trees may be removed in the city of Glendale.

  • When the trees are infested by harmful insects or diseased
  • In case a tree is dead
  • When a tree’s physical characteristics are posing a danger to the public
  • If a tree is obstructing the flow of traffic, blocking the right of way or traffic lights.
  • In case a city-approved development is about to take place.
  • When a tree is interfering with public utilities such as power lines, water lines, and gas lines.

For the street opening, improvement, or widening.

In case the director determines it is necessary for parkways purposes.

Planting of city street trees in Glendale

The first thing is that no one is allowed to plant street trees in Glendale unless they have a permit from the city’s public works director.

However, during planting, not all species of trees are allowed to be planted. The city has a city street list of trees that are approved. As a result, anyone planting street trees must ensure they follow the list to determine which species of trees to plant.

However, when public utility service providers need to trim trees, they do not need to get a permit.

City street trees replacement in Glendale

Once a permit is issued for the removal of street trees, the director may require the applicant to replace the removed trees where deemed necessary. In such cases, the applicant has 40 days from the issuance of a permit to replace the said trees. Failure to do so will be an offense.

Permit and fees

All permits concerning trees must be sent to the director of public works. The director will give instructions on what he/she needs to be included in the applications for review.

The director will also determine how much fee should be paid for each application.

Once an application is sent, the applicant will wait for the review and a decision to be communicated later.

Can I appeal a decision by the director in Glendale?

Yes. There is room for appealing any decision made by the public works director concerning your tree permit application.

Once the decision is determined, you can appeal and make sure you follow all the guidelines from the city administration. Providing a report from an independent arborist increases the chances of getting positive feedback.

Penalties for tree removal without a permit

In case you remove trees in the city of Glendale without a permit then you will be fined an amount that is equal to the value of the tree/(s) you have removed. Other additional amounts may be determined by the director.
The director may also determine the replacement of the trees.

Penalties for tree removal when denied

In case you remove trees after being denied a permit, it means that you are doing it out of ignorance. As a result, you will be punished by a civil penalty. This is a penalty 3 times equal to the value of the trees removed.

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