Spiders have for years been feared to be one of the most dangerous insects in the world. So, if you find them in your home, no one can judge you for wanting to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

The average cost to exterminate spiders from your home ranges from $200 – $500, but it will depend on the size of your home and the extent of the infestation. Some spider exterminators charge you as much as $1,000.

In this guide, we’ll look into how pest control companies handle the pricing of spider extermination.

How much does spider pest control cost

The total cost to hire a spider exterminator to handle your infestation depends on a variety of factors including the size of your property, level of infestation, the method used for treatment, the pest control company you hire, among others.

This means that every homeowner will be charged differently for their jobs. It’s, therefore, possible to get a quote of only $100 for the removal of a small spider infestation, and another $1,000 quote for serious cases.

Nevertheless, the national average cost of spider extermination stands at $350.

Spider extermination costs

Typical range$200 - $500
Minimum cost$100
Maximum cost$1,000
National average$350

Cost of extermination by property size

The size of your property, per square foot, is usually one of the first considerations that pest control companies look at when determining how much they’ll charge you.

Depending on your exterminator, you can expect to spend anywhere from $0.15 – $0.25 per sq. ft for the project. This is estimated to be between $150 and $250 for a 1,000-square-foot house.

Here’s how much you can expect to pay for homes of different sizes:

  • 1,500 sq. ft house – $225 – $375
  • 2,000 sq. ft house – $300 – $500
  • 3,000 sq. ft house – $450 – $750
  • 4,000 sq. ft house – $600 – $1,000

Note that if the spider problem is confined to only one room, say the bedroom, then you’ll only be charged based on the square footage of that room.

Cost of extermination by size of spider infestation

The size of any pest infestation in your home is probably the biggest factor that professional pest control companies use to determine their prices.

With a small infestation, the exterminators know they’ll require very few treatment products and the labor will be minimal. As such, the pest control costs will be quite cheap.

But with a large infestation, the exterminators will use a ton of treatment products and methods, and the labor time will be long. You’ll, therefore, receive a more expensive quote for the job.

To determine the size of your spider infestation, an exterminator will first conduct an inspection of the affected spaces, looking for the spider nests and eggs.

Infestation sizeLowHigh
Small infestation$100$300
Medium infestation$250$450
Large infestation$400$700
Severe infestation$600$1,000

Small infestation

A small spider infestation can be defined as having just one or two spiders in your home, or merely a couple of nests in one room of the property. It’s usually very easy to remove and the exterminators only make one trip to get rid of the nests.

The average spider exterminator cost to handle such an infestation ranges from $100 – $300.

Medium infestation

If the number of spider nests has increased and you’ve started noticing spider webs all over, then your spider problem could have escalated to a medium infestation.

In such a case, removing the nests and getting rid of the spiders is relatively harder but not impossible, even as a DIY. Most exterminators will prioritize spraying pesticides to control such an infestation.

You can expect to spend anywhere from $250 – $450 for this extermination job.

Large infestation

Once you start spotting spiders openly hanging from your walls with more than five nests perched in the walls of one room, you have a large infestation.

Getting rid of the spiders is now nearly impossible for DIYers and exterminators may need to use chemical treatments to kill the spiders.

As you’d expect, the cost also goes higher and a pest control company may charge around $400 – $700 to fully eliminate the infestation.

Severe infestation

The line between large and severe spider infestations is often very thin because the more spiders exist, the more they lay eggs and hatch.

So, unless your large infestation is handled quickly, you’ll soon have hundreds of spiders in your house forming a severe infestation.

For such a case, professional pest control providers use intense chemical products for the treatment to ensure all the spiders are dead. They may also conduct one or two additional visits to ensure there is no future re-infestation.

The total cost of treating such a serious infestation will range from $600 – $1,000. If the spiders are poisonous, these costs could shoot even higher.

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Cost of spider extermination by frequency of treatment

The size of the infestation in your home also goes hand in hand with how often an exterminator will need to make follow-up visits.

For small spider problems, the treatment won’t require any follow-up. The exterminator will handle the extermination during the initial visit and you’ll be safe.

The average cost of inspection and the initial one-time visit is usually around $150 – $400.

But as the infestations get larger, the need to make follow-up visits becomes more apparent. The same applies to homeowners who’ve had past issues with the spiders or live in climates that favor spiders.

Most pest control companies offer three packages for ongoing treatments to help with pest control. They include monthly, quarterly, and annual treatment plans. Here’s a breakdown:

Monthly and bi-monthly treatment plan

The monthly and bi-monthly visits are usually curated for homeowners with large to serious spider infestations. You should also get this plan if you have poisonous spiders in your home.

You can expect to spend an average cost of between $50 – $200 per visit, which is paid annually.

The exterminator will visit your house monthly for inspections and treatments, ensuring all the spiders are gone.

Quarterly treatment plan

With this plan, spider exterminators visit your home once every three months and conduct inspections as well as additional pest control treatments if any spiders are found. It’s particularly designed for homeowners with medium to large spider infestations.

The average cost of a quarterly visit is around $100 – $300, and it’s also paid for annually.

Yearly treatment plan

The annual plan is curated for homeowners with small infestations or seasonal pest problems. The exterminator visits your home once a year and handles the spider extermination if it has resurfaced.

Expect to spend anywhere from $300 – $600 per visit if you need the annual treatment plan.

FrequencyCost range
Initial visit + inspection$150 - $400
Monthly spider control services$50 - $200
Quarterly spider control services$100 - $300
Annual spider control services$300 - $600

Spider extermination cost by location

The specific location of your spider infestation is another key factor that affects how much you’ll spend.

Since spiders love to weave their nests around cluttered areas, it becomes harder to reach them in some areas (e.g., the attic), than in other areas (e.g., the deck or kitchen).

Here’s how much you’ll spend for a one-time spider extermination visit in different locations of your house.



Basements are usually the perfect spots for spiders to hide and reproduce. With very few people visiting this room, spiders enjoy the warmth, food, and privacy to lay their eggs and spin their webs with minimal disturbance.

Most pest control services will charge you between $200 – $550 to get rid of spiders in the basement depending on its infestation size.

The spider exterminators will use a reactive treatment approach where they spray pesticides across the room, ensuring that all the spiders are gone.


Your kitchen attracts spiders because of the easy access to food. That’s why you’ll find them building webs in your cabinets, on light fixtures, and even in the pantry.

To get rid of them, your exterminator will have to use sprays or a natural spider repellant. This will cost you around $150 – $400.


In bedrooms, spiders build their nests around ceiling corners, in light fixtures and furniture, behind the walls, and under the floorboards among other places.

Spotting the spider webs in your bedroom is quite easy, meaning you can be able to spot an infestation while it’s still small.

The average cost of removing spiders in your bedroom ranges between $200 – $550


While spiders aren’t as common in the bathroom, don’t be surprised if you find them there. They may be drawn to the bathroom as they follow their prey like mosquitoes and carpenter ants.

To get rid of them an exterminator will have to use sprays or spider traps. The total cost for that extermination may cost you between $200 – $500.


Like the basement, the garage is also a fantastic home to the spiders because there are numerous hiding spots and insects to eat. Treating the infestations will depend on the size of the garage and how severe it is.

The average cost of exterminating the spiders in the garage may range from $250 – $700.


Spiders may also choose to nest in your attic because of the minimal disturbance. The darkness and presence of small insects also ensure they don’t have to travel far for food.

The average pest control service cost of removing spiders from the attic stands between $250 – $700.


If the spiders are on your deck, then you can expect to spend anywhere from $100 – $300 for their removal.

This cost is much lower compared to other rooms because it’s very easy to spot and remove the spider nests from your deck. You can find their nests under the deck railings and posts.


The patio is another popular spider hideout that’s quite popular with outdoor spiders. They hide under the furniture, light fixtures, railings, posts, and any cracks on the wood or vinyl.

Most homeowners spend anywhere from $100 – $300 to exterminate the spider nests.


Spiders on your carpets may usually be the easiest to spot and treat, but if the problem extends to the floorboard, then the pest control costs will increase. You can expect to spend anywhere from $80 – $250 to remove the spiders from your carpets.


Outdoors, a type of spider popularly known as the grass spider, thrives in the grass on your lawn. While they are not poisonous, getting rid of these spiders costs around $200 – $550.

However, the more grass you have on the lawn, the more likely you’ll have more spiders, making the removal more costly.


For spiders in your shed, a professional pest control provider will charge between $150 – $450 to eliminate them. Sheds attract spiders because they’re often dark and harbor many other insects which could be their food.


Like the lawn, spiders in your yard could be hiding in the trees, bushes, or garden, making them hard to find and eliminate. Your pest control company may charge you anywhere from $200 – $600 for the outdoor spider control cost.

These costs could, however, be much higher if you need to clear any bushes or remove the old vegetation.

Spider extermination cost by treatment method

The method of treatment for your spider infestation also plays a critical factor in determining the total cost you’ll spend on the extermination.

The most common pest control treatments you may find include fumigation, using spider sprays and spider traps, dusting, and other natural spider repellants.

TreatmentCost per unitLowHigh
Fumigation - $2,500$8,000
Sprays$7 - $30$200$500
Traps$3 - $26$100$300
Dust - $100$300
Natural spider repellants$1 - $10$5$50

Spider fumigation

Known to be the most effective treatment, fumigation involves spraying strong chemicals across the entire house. Most spider exterminators recommend this pest control treatment only in cases of a severe infestation.

The average cost of fumigation stands at around $2,50 – $8,000, making it one of the most expensive treatments.

Spider fumigation

Spider sprays

The use of aerosol sprays to handle spider infestations is the most popular option used in the pest control industry. It involves using aerosol cans filled with pesticides and spraying them on the affected spaces, e.g., the cabinets, furniture, and carpets.

The only downside to using a spider spray is that it leaves some poisonous residue which could affect your pets and kids.

The average cost of each spray can range from $7 – $30, leaving the total cost for professional spider extermination at $200 – $500.

Spider sprays

Spider traps

If you don’t want to use sprays, spider traps are good alternatives that work. The traps appear in the form of glue boards which are placed close to the spider nests and ensure that any spider that crosses it sticks on it.

While these sticky traps are quite cheap, you’ll require several of them to be successful in your spider pest control.

The total spider exterminators cost for spider traps stands at $100 – $300 or at least $3 – $26 per trap.

Spider traps

Spider dusting

Your professional pest control company may also opt to use spider dust to eliminate these common household pests. The exterminators will spread the insecticide dust on the wall and ceiling corners so that they land on the spider webs.

This will ensure that once the spiders come back to the nest and interact with the webs, they will die.

On average, you can expect to spend anywhere from $100 – $300 for this pest control treatment.

Spider dusting

Natural spider repellants

Another option that could work for small infestations is the use of natural spider repellants. Among the most effective repellents in use today include;

  • Essential oils e.g., Peppermint oil, Lavender oil, Eucalyptus, Citronella oil, and Tea tree oil
  • Vinegar spray
  • Rolling tobacco
  • Spices and herbs like baking soda, salt, turmeric
  • Citrus fruits e.g., lemon or oranges peels

The average cost you’ll spend on these treatments will depend on the repellant you choose. However, most of them will cost you less than $10.

Natural spider repellants

Preventive vs reactive spider treatment cost

Generally, there are two main types of spider control treatments, preventive or reactive.

Preventive treatment cost

This refers to a treatment that’s conducted when you don’t have any spider infestation in your house. It involves using spider repellants and other treatments to ensure that spiders aren’t attracted to your home.

Such treatments may involve a lot of regular visits from your pest control expert who will continually inspect the home looking for signs of an infestation.

The average cost of a preventive treatment stands between $250 – $500.

Reactive treatments cost

This refers to the treatment conducted once an exterminator has completed an inspection and determined that you have a spider infestation. The treatment in this case often involves a lot of chemicals and pesticides, depending on the level of the infestation.

You’re likely to spend around $200 – $500 to be sure that the spiders are all gone.

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Spider exterminator costs

Hiring a spider exterminator may cost anywhere from $40 – $70 per hour or around $200 – $500 per project. The professional will handle not just the extermination but also the clean-up and the removal of dead spiders.

The cost difference in this pricing will depend on the level of infestation in your home as well as the type of treatment your exterminator decides to use.

Spider extermination cost by major pest control company

When choosing a pest control company, you’ll notice that each exterminator offers a different quote for the same job. This is usually evident even among the top pest control companies in the country like Terminix and Orkin.

Therefore, how much you’ll spend with each exterminator will depend on their preferred pest control treatment methods and their location.



This company boasts of cost-friendly and efficient pest control services guaranteeing their customers excellent service delivery. Their general pest control service covers spider infestation which they prefer treating using fumigation and sealing all their entryways.

You can expect to spend between $200 – $450 to hire Terminix for your spider extermination.


Being one of the top pest control companies, Orkin is known for its more comprehensive service when it comes to spider extermination.

The company conducts regular inspections and seals any entry points that could lead the spiders into your house. Their preferred method of treatment is usually spider fumigation.

To enjoy these services, you should be willing to part with $250 – $500 for the spider removal.

Types of spiders

Before rushing to contact an exterminator, it’s important for you to know which type of spider you have in your home.

While there may be more than 3,500 species of spiders in the United States, there are around 12 types of spiders that are common in most homes.

Of these, only two of these spiders, (the black widow and brown recluse spiders) are poisonous and dangerous to humans. To make it easier for you to differentiate these spiders, we’ll categorize them as either indoor or outdoor spiders.

The type of indoor spiders found in most homes includes:

  • The black widow spiders – Appears small with a black body and a bright red hourglass-shaped spot on its abdomen.
  • Yellow sac spider – Occurs as a pale yellow-greenish spider with black legs
  • American house spider – Appears in a dirty white/brown body with some dark spots on the legs and abdomen.
  • Long-bodied cellar spider – Occur as light brown to pale yellow and have long legs and small bodies.
  • Brown recluse spider – Appear as light to dark brown and they have a peculiar brown violin mark on their bark.

DIY spider removal costs

If you intend to get rid of your spider infestation by yourself, expect to spend as low as $10 – $50 on the entire job, depending on the intensity of the infestation. These costs will go towards spider sprays, traps, and some protective gear.

For medium spider infestations, should you choose to handle the extermination as a DIY, the costs will increase. You’ll spend more on professional tools like pesticide sprayers, pesticides, respirators, and chemical-resistant gloves.


The spider population significantly increased in 2021 because of the extended periods of warm and wet summers, which provided more insects to be eaten as prey.

September and October because it’s their mating season.

Yes! Most spider species are nocturnal, meaning they look for their food and weave their webs at night.

The main attraction point for spiders in your house is the availability of food. However, the spiders could also be attracted to your house when following other insects like mosquitoes or flies.

Mostly no. Unless you decide to take action and get rid of the spider, the spiders will stay there for as long as there is food.

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