If you’re like most homeowners, then getting rid of the modern-day mice may seem like an uphill task. And it’s not that they’re getting smarter, rather, these elusive creatures can reproduce so quickly that in no time, you’ll be staring at a full-blown mice infestation.

The average cost to get rid of mice on your property ranges from $175 – $1,200. However, most homeowners spend an average of $450 on the treatments, follow-up visits, and consultations.

Below we break down these costs to find out exactly how much you can pay for mouse extermination services.

How much does mouse pest control cost

Average cost to exterminate mice

There are numerous factors that influence how much you’ll spend on mouse extermination.

The main factors include the extent of the infestation, the size of your house, and the frequency of exterminator visits. Your average expense may be as low as $150 to the highs of $1,200 depending on how bad your mice problem is.

The typical range, however, is between $200 – $700 for the extermination, placing the national average at $450.

Cost to exterminate mice

Maximum costs$1,200
Minimum costs$150
Typical range $200 - $700
National Average $450

Mouse extermination cost by level of infestation

As mentioned, the level of mouse infestation in your home is probably the biggest factor that determines the mouse extermination prices.

To determine the size of your infestation, you may have to hire a pest control expert who’ll inspect your house looking for the mouse nests.

Large infestations mean that the mouse exterminator needs to use more products for the treatment and also spend more time on the job. This translates to more labor and product costs, increasing the overall quote.

Here’s how much you can spend depending on the infestation severity in your home.

Severity of infestationLowHigh
Small infestation$200$450
Medium infestation$300$500
Large infestation$500$800
Severe infestation$1,000$2,000

Small mouse infestation

This means that you have a few mice (sometimes just one or two), which are easy to find and remove. You can expect to spend anywhere from $200 – $450 for the extermination of such a mouse problem.

Medium mouse infestation

This refers to an infestation that’s spread across several rooms in your house. It’s characterized by one nest which plays home to a colony of several mice.

The removal process will be relatively challenging and requires the use of several extermination methods. As such, expect to spend anywhere from $300 – $500 on the treatment.

Large to severe infestation

This defines a mouse infestation that has spread across your entire house and is causing damage to your property. Large and severe infestations are usually characterized by two or more nests with multiple colonies of mice.

Getting rid of such an infestation can be very challenging and so, we always recommended that you leave it to the professionals.

The average cost of exterminating this infestation ranges between $500 – $800 for large infestations and around $1,000 – $2,000 for severe infestations.

Mouse extermination cost by location

Once the mice are on your property, their location will be key in determining how much an exterminator will charge you for the job.

The easier it is to access the mice, the less you’ll pay for extermination. The harder it is to find the mice, the more you’ll spend on rodent control.

Here’s an estimate of how much you can spend depending on the location.

Location Cost
Attic$300 - $500
Barn $150 - $300
Basement $200 - $1,200
Bathroom $150 - $200
Bedroom $150 - $200
Ceiling$300 - $1,200
Under foundation $200 - $500
Kitchen $200 - $500
Lawn$200 - $500
Heating ducts$500 - $1,200
Pantry $150 - $200
Shed$100 - $150
Roof$450 - $600
Under floorboards$500 - $1,200
Walls$450 - $600
Stove $100 - $150

Mouse pest control by frequency

How often your mice exterminator needs to follow up after the treatment will also affect how much he/she will charge you. For most small-scale infestations, you’ll only need one visit to identify, treat and prevent future mouse reinfestation.

Initial visit

This initial visit will cost you anywhere from $250 – $500. However, for more serious infestations, you’ll need to adopt a bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, or annual treatment plan.

Monthly treatment plan

If you have a large or stubborn recurring mouse problem, then the monthly plan is the best plan for you.

On average, you’ll spend between $800 – $1,200 for the monthly plan across the entire year.

Quarterly treatment plan

The quarterly plan costs between $500 – $900, and it’s often the best when it comes to ensuring the mice don’t come back.

Annual treatment plan

The annual treatment plan is regarded better when dealing with seasonal pests. It usually costs between $200 – $500.

Treatment planLowHigh
One-time visit $250$500
Monthly plan$800$1,200
Quarterly plan$500$900
Annual plan$200$500

Cost of extermination by type of mouse

Another key factor that affects your total mice extermination costs is the type of mice that gets into your home.

Generally, there are four main species of mice that are common in homes across the United States. They include:

  • House mice
  • Field mice (Deer mice)
  • Western harvest mice
  • White-footed mice
Mouse typeLowHigh
Field mice / Deer mice$300$1,000
House mice$150$600
Western harvest mice$150$400
White-footed mice$100$300

Field mice (Deer mice)

Field mice is a term used to refer to several species of mice that differentiates them from the house mice. The most common species from this lot is the deer mouse.

These rodents are identified by their pale grey to reddish back and head, plus their whitish belly and bicolored tail. They tend to appear above ground during the night in search of food and they’re excellent climbers.

You’re likely to find these field mice around wooded areas. Expect to spend anywhere from $300 – $1,000 to exterminate them.

House mice

This refers to the mice you might commonly find in your house or property. They’re dusty gray in appearance with a cream-colored stomach. The mice are usually active throughout the year and tend to live above ground.

They’re also very curious and flexible and will adapt to new environments quickly. Owing to their fast breeding rate, house mice infestations can be quite devastating to homeowners.

Expect to spend anywhere from $150 – $600 on the mouse extermination.

Western harvest mice

The western harvest mice are one of the smallest mice species in existence. These rodents appear as small brown nocturnal creatures (appear only during the night) that make their homes in the ground or areas of low vegetation.

They mainly use the runways and tunnels created by other small animals and can be found in communal nests.

You’re likely to find these mice along the western borders of the country, especially in California and Arizona. The average cost of exterminating the western harvest mice ranges from $150 – $400.

White-footed mice

From its name, the white-footed mice refer to a species of mice that have white feet, just like their belly. Its upper body fur is grayish to reddish-brown in color with a bicolored tail.

These mice are also nocturnal (appear during the night) and they drum their front feet when startled. It’s usually much harder to find their nests because they tend to hide in sheds or garages that are not frequently used.

The average mouse exterminator cost to get rid of these pests stands between $100 – $300.

You’re more likely to find the White-footed mice in the Eastern parts of the country from Mid Maine to South & North Carolina, Alabama and Georgia. In the west, these mice are more common in Arizona, Montana and Colorado.

Mouse extermination cost by treatment methods

The treatment methods your pest control services company uses for rodent control will also be important in determining how much you’ll spend.

This is because each of these treatments works differently and is priced separately depending on the mouse exterminator.

TreatmentPrice per unitLowHigh
Mouse bait station $10- $15 $300$700
Mouse poison - $150$500
Snap traps $1- $30 $150$300
Mice fumigation - $1,500$5,500
Organic mouse control - $75$150
Live traps $8- $30 $100 $300
Electric mouse trap $30- $60 $300 $700
Rodenticides - $750 $1,000

Mice traps

Mouse traps are the most common extermination methods used in rodent control. There are different types of traps in the market, each different in operation and cost.

The most common types of mice trap in use today include:

Snap traps

This is the most common type of mice trap. It works by placing bait on the trap and then snaps to crush the mice’s neck once they try to eat the bait. It’s super easy to set up and doesn’t involve using any chemicals.

You’ll spend anywhere from $1 – $30 per snap trap or between $150 – $300 to set it up in your home.

Live traps

This trap is very popular among homeowners because it’s the most humane. It works by luring the mice inside the trap with food and then triggers its door to shut once the mice are inside.

You can then go and release it far away from your home. Expect to spend between $8 – $30 per trap, and anywhere from $80 – $300 for the mouse traps.

Glue traps

This trap is widely regarded as the most inhumane trap in the market. It works by starving the mice, depriving them of food and water once they’re stuck to it. It’s however very safe for your kids and pets.

Expect to spend anywhere from $3 – $10 per trap or around $300 – $700 to set them up in your home.

Electric mouse trap

This is the most expensive mousetrap on the market. It works by shocking the mice that enter the trap, killing them instantly and painlessly. Some of these traps may have a sticky glue base to ensure the mice don’t escape.

The traps are loved because of their efficiency and reusability. You can expect to spend anywhere from $30 – $60 per electric trap and between $300 – $700 for the total job.

Jaw trap

These mouse traps are very similar to the snap trap. However, they have a jaw-shaped serrated ‘mouth’ that snaps immediately after the mice enter the trap.

Its key benefit is that the trap eliminates mice without penetrating their skin, making it so much easier to clean. You’re likely to spend between $3 – $5 per jaw trap, and a total of between $300 – $500 for the entire project.

Mice poison

When mouse traps don’t work, your mouse exterminator may resort to mice poison. This treatment is relatively effective in getting rid of the mice but it’s not the most recommended.

Since the poison is left out in the open, it could easily affect any curious kids or pets who accidentally interact with it.

Expect to spend anywhere from $150 – $500 depending on the size of your home, to set the poison.

Organic mouse control

For homeowners who have a rodent infestation but don’t want to kill or harm them, organic solutions are the way to go. An example would be using scents that repel the mice e.g., peppermint oil, cloves, or cayenne pepper close to their nest.

Another repellent you can try is the smell of Ammonia. Mice tend to avoid these smells as it indicates the presence of a potential predator.

Nevertheless, organic mouse control methods will only work for small mouse infestations. Larger infestations will require the use of traps among other options.

You’re likely to spend anywhere from $75 – $150 for the mice repellents.

Mice fumigation

Fumigation is the best mouse control method when you have a severe mouse infestation. It’s also the most expensive and effective method. During the fumigation, the mice exterminator seals off your home and covers it with a large tent.

A pest killer spray is then released into your house which kills all the mice almost instantly. Once this is done, you won’t need a follow-up visit.

The average cost to eliminate mice by fumigation ranges between $1,500 – $5,500 depending on the infestation size.

Mice bait station

Similar to mouse poisoning, bait stations also depend on toxic poisons to kill mice. However, in a mouse bait station, the poison isn’t put out in the open, it remains in an enclosed container that has bait.

Once the mice get into the container through a small opening and eat the poisoned bait, they start dying off. The bait stations are quite effective and can hold as many mice as there is bait to eat.

You can expect to spend between $300 – $700 on this pest control method.


The term rodenticides refers to a special type of pesticides formulated to kill all rodents, especially mice and rats. This control method is rarely used in houses, but rather in barns, sheds, and lawns to get rid of large mice infestations.

As you’d expect, using rodenticides is also an expensive pest control method. You’re likely to spend about $750 – $1,000 on it.

Mice exterminator cost of labor

Most exterminators will charge you anywhere from $35 – $80 per house to handle your mice problems. Their labor includes extermination, cleaning up, and in some cases, removing the dead rodents.

However, these costs could be slightly higher or lower depending on the method of treatment they choose to use and any extra service they will offer.

Other mice exterminators may also charge you a flat fee of between $200 – $500 when setting the mouse traps and bait stations, then include some small fee during every follow-up visit.

Mice exterminator cost of labor

Cost to inspect mice

If you’re not sure whether you have mice or not, you need to hire a pest control services professional to inspect your home. While most companies offer the initial inspection as a free service, you might find that some exterminators charge for it.

When done independently from the mice extermination service, mouse inspection will cost you around $75 – $100.

However, if the inspection is part of the initial treatment visit, your mice exterminator will charge you a total of $300 – $600.

Cost of mice exclusion

Another aspect of the job that might add to your total labor costs is the mice exclusion. In a nutshell, this is just the process of sealing off and blocking all the entry points that the mice could be using to get into your house.

The main purpose of the mice exclusion is to prevent a future mouse infestation from happening. You’re likely to spend anywhere from $70 – $200 per hour on a handyman to take care of this.

How long does it take to exterminate mice?

It mainly depends on the size of the infestation in your house. But generally, it may take about 1 – 3 months for homeowners to be sure they have no mice.

If you have a small infestation (one or two mice), you’ll only need one treatment with no follow-ups. Depending on the extermination method you used, the rodents may be gone within a week.

However, for large mouse infestations, the mouse exterminator will need to make regular follow-up visits (at least two) to ensure all the mice are dead.

Dead mouse removal

The cost of removing a dead mouse is usually included in the total mice extermination prices. But if it’s not, you can expect to spend around $100 – $200 on another wildlife removal expert or mice exterminator to find and dispose of the mice.

This cost may also vary depending on how hard it is to locate the mice and how many dead mice are to be removed.

Dead mouse removal

Emergency mouse removal cost

Besides damaging your home, mice also pose a health risk to your family. So, if you notice that the mice presence in your home has increased some health problems at your home, you may require emergency mouse removal services.

On average, these will cost you between $200 – $500 on the extermination alone, and up to $800 if you include the cost of exclusion.

Cost of mouse treatment by major pest services

Different pest control service companies will also charge you differently for the mice removal. This is because each professional exterminator uses a different treatment technique and varies in expertise and reputation.

Generally, the most popular pest control companies in the country will charge you much higher for the same job than most local exterminators.

Here’s an estimate of how much you’d spend on some of the biggest pest services companies in the country.

Pest control company Average cost of treatment Cost range
Orkin $350$700

Terminix - Best Overall

Despite specializing in termite extermination, Terminix is one of the best pest control companies for mice extermination and prevention.

The company boasts of highly skilled and experienced technicians who not only know how to set traps and get rid of mice but also how to inspect the mice entry points and find their nests.

They also offer annual follow-up inspections to ensure that they got rid of all the mice.

The average cost to hire Terminix for mice removal costs between $350 – $600 for one-time visits.

Orkin - Best for urgent services

If you’re looking for emergency ‘same-day’ mouse removal services, Orkin is the company. Being one of the largest pest control companies in the world, Orkin boasts of excellent customer service as well as their innovative advancement in insecticide formulations.

Hiring this pest control company for your mice removal will cost you between $350 – $700 for a one-time visit. Monthly plans tend to range between $50 – $75 per visit while the quarterly plan costs up to $400.

Orkin also has a bi-annual plan that costs around $750 while the annual plan costs between $500 – $1,000 per visit.

Cost to exterminate mice by type of property

The type of property you live in also affects how easy or hard it is to get rid of a mice infestation. This will, in turn, reflect in your total extermination costs. Here’s how much you’ll spend depending on your property:


The bigger your house is, the more expensive your extermination costs will become. This is because the house has multiple entry points and hiding spots making the work much harder for your mice exterminator.

On average, you’ll spend around $300 – $500 for a 2,000 sq. ft and between $500 – $700 for a 3,000 sq. ft house.


Apartments are usually relatively easier to exterminate because of the fewer rooms, making the extermination cheap. However, it bears the biggest risk of the mice coming back.

This is because, while you may have gotten rid of mice in your apartment, another one can easily crawl from your neighbor’s home into yours.

You’ll, therefore, need to talk to the landlord to ensure every tenant exterminates their mice to prevent a future re-infestation.

Getting rid of mice in your apartment should cost you between $100 – $300.


Getting rid of a mouse in your recreational vehicle is probably the cheapest expense. For one, the RV is quite small with few hiding spots making it easier for you or a pro to spot the mice.

You’ll, therefore, spend around $50 – $100 for the removal.


Just like in your home, getting rid of mice in your office or restaurant can be quite costly, depending on the office space size. When not exterminated quickly, just one mouse in your office can breed to form a colony that terrorizes your customers and employees.

The average mouse exterminator cost to get rid of mice in your business ranges from $300 – $4,000.

Additional expenses you might incur

Other expenses you might incur during the mouse extermination that will increase your overall costs include:

Mouse cleaning service

Before and after calling the mice exterminator to start the mouse treatment, you might need to clean the house. While you can do it by yourself for free, hiring a cleaning service to do it for you will cost you between $150 – $300 for a 2,000 sq. ft house.

Mouse damage repair cost

Besides eating your food, the mice might also have caused a lot of damage to your home’s structural integrity. They tend to eat electrical wires, damage your plumbing and HVAC system as well as eat their way through the roof.

You might, therefore, need to make more repairs than you thought. Here’s how much you may spend to repair some of these damages:

Electrical repairs$150 - $500
HVAC repairs $150 - $550
Plumbing repairs$150 - $500+
Roof repairs $350 - $1,500
Water cleanup $1,200 - $4,500

DIY mouse extermination costs

Handling your mouse extermination as a DIY is the best way for homeowners to save some cash. However, your success at the job will highly depend on the size of the rodent infestation in your home.

For small infestations, DIY mouse removal is perfect. You can expect to spend between $30 – $300 on the job depending on the size of your home.

Perhaps your biggest decision on the job will be determining which type of trap you’ll use for the removal. Below, we’ve broken down each type of trap to help you make the right decision.

Type of trapCost per trapAverage per infestationProsCons
Live trap$2 - $15$20 - $1,000Can be reused, most humaneNeed to relocate the mouse far from house
Snap traps$1 - $2$10 - $200Reusable, very cheap, easy to findMay injure your pets and children, Complicated to set up
Jaw traps$3 - $5$45 - $500Can be reused, safer to setNot humane, more expensive
Bait stations$3 - $15$45 - $1,000Super effective, simple to set upTakes a long time to work, May poison pets
Glue traps$3 - $10$45 - $700Effective, easy to use, disposableCan stick to other items, inhumane, not reusable
Electric mouse traps$30 - $60$60 - $600Safe for pets and children, more humaneQuite costly, needs batteries

Note: In case you have a large or severe mice infestation, we recommend that you leave the job to professional exterminators. Trying the extermination as a DIY will only disappoint you since the mice will be back in just a few days!


Yes! Mice can contaminate your food and transmit several harmful bacteria that pose a significant health risk to you and your family. Pest control ensures that the mice are completely gone and prevents them from ever returning.

You can easily know this by looking at the number of mouse droppings you find close to their nest. The more the droppings, the more mice you have.

Yes! Unless you seal their entry points, mice will always go back to the place where they can find food, water, and shelter.

Unfortunately, yes! The smell of dead mice usually attracts other mice nearby to that house.

Most mice have a lifespan of around 18 months. However, mice can survive in your house for up to 2 years.

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