For palm trees to remain healthy and grow well, they need to be trimmed on a regular basis.

The cost to trim palm trees in Jacksonville, Florida, is $85 to $750 per tree. Cost varies depending on the size, species and amount of work required.

A Queen palm for example will cost $85 – $150 per tree, while Date palms can cost up to $750 for a trim.

Cost To Trim Palm Trees in Jacksonville, Florida

Cost factors for palm tree trimming in Florida?

Well, the actual cost to Trim a palm tree depends mainly on the height, age, and species of the Palm tree.

So when determining the actual cost of trimming your palm tree, it is important to consider those factors.

Here is a cost guide on how much it costs to trim a palm tree in Florida;

1. According to the height

This costing estimate considers the height of the tree when determining the cost of trimming. This is because height is the most important determining factor when it comes to the cost of trimming a palm tree in Jacksonville, Florida.

Height of Palm treeEstimated cost
10 - 15 ft$50 - $75
15 - 20 ft$100 - $350
25 - 40 ft$200 - $425
Above 40 ft$350 - $945

2. According to palm species

Although generally referred to as palm trees, there are different

Palm tree speciesEstimated cost (per tree) for growing/young trees Estimated cost (per tree) for fully mature trees
Cabbage Palm/Sabal Palm$55$75
Canary Palm$75$150
Queen Palm$45$65
Washingtonia/ Mexican Fan Palm$65$200
Phoenix Sylvester Palm$125$200
Pindo/Jelly Palm$50$125
Pygmy Date Palm$25$30

How to reduce the cost of trimming palm trees

If you’re looking to save some money when trimming your palm trees in Jacksonville, Florida, here are a few quick and easy ways to do so;

1. Do it yourself

You can save a lot by trimming your palm trees yourself. This is because the cost of professional labor is eliminated. However, DIY jobs are only recommended for young and dwarf trees as their palm fronds are easier to access making them.

2. Keep the tree in a good condition

Palm trees in good condition usually cost less than trees in poor conditions. This is because trees in poor conditions require more professional care than their healthier counterparts.

3. Trim more than one tree at once

Trimming palm trees in bulk generally costs less than doing one at a time. This can help to save a little bit of money on the total cost of trimming.

4. Take care of clean up

Cleaning up the debris from the tree after trimming can cost an additional $50 to $75. Taking care of the clean-up duty can help you save some money on the total cost of trimming.

DIY or professional tree services; palm tree trimming

Deciding whether or not to trim your palm tree yourself or hire a professional service is very important.

DIYProfessional Tree Service
It is usually cheaper and more affordableProfessional Tree Services are usually more expensive which makes it inaccessible for some.
DIY jobs are usually only recommended for young trees or dwarf trees that have easy-to-access fronds.Professional Tree Services are necessary for extremely tall trees, mature trees, etc. These trees have palm fronds that are hard to reach.
DIY jobs usually require simple tools and unskilled labor.Generally require heavy equipment or highly skilled labor.
Higher risk of injury to the palm tree and the worker if done wrong.Low risk of injury to the palm tree and the worker due to the knowledge and experience of the professionals.

How often should palm trees be trimmed in Florida?

Trimming of palm trees should be done every year or two. Younger trees may need to be pruned more often than mature trees depending on the species and growth rate.

Many professional tree care services highly recommend avoiding trimming in the summer and winter seasons. This is because the palm fronds protect the tree from the harsh sun rays in the summer and cold and frost in winter.

It’s important not to over-trim a palm tree, as this can lead to adverse effects such as stunted growth or abnormal trunk development. Always leave fronts that are horizontal and above, and just trim fronds below the horizon line.

How often should palm trees be trimmed in Florida

What time of year do you trim palm trees in Florida?

Trimming palm trees at the wrong time of year may cause more harm than good in the long run. The best time of the year to trim your palm tree in Florida is in Spring. The added benefit of trimming palm trees in Spring which is from March through to May, is you catch the seed pods before they begin to drop seeds.

Trimming your Palm tree in spring will give your palm trees the best chance to recover. If you missed trimming your palm tree in the spring, leave the dead fronds on the tree till the next appropriate time. They can serve as an extra shield against the palm tree in harsh weather.

What time of year do you trim palm trees in Florida
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