The queen palm is a famous ornamental garden tree worldwide. The tree can grow as tall as 50 feet with a spread of 20 to 25 feet. Although the queen palm is known to improve the aesthetics of an area, there are many reasons why it may need to be removed.

The average cost to remove a queen palm tree is between $200 and $500 in the United States. The actual cost of the removal depends mainly on the height of the tree. There are other determining factors such as location, maturity of the tree, accessibility to the tree, etc.

Read on to find out how much you are likely to spend for queen-palm removal in your area.

The cost of removing a Queen palm tree is usually determined by the height of the tree. While consulting this cost guide, try to estimate the average height of the tree in question for a closer answer.

Cost guide for queen palm removal by height

SizeEstimated heightLowHigh
SmallLess than 10 ft$100$199
Medium10 to 20 ft$220$345
Large20 to 30 ft$500$745
Extra-large30 to 45 ft$850$1,500
Special cases45ft and above$1,750$2,000

Cost guide for queen palm removal by city

This is the average cost of removing a queen’s palm in some of the major cities in the United States. These prices are for a medium-sized tree of about 20 ft to 25 ft queen palm.

CityAverage Cost (medium tree)
San Diego CA $450
Los Angeles CA $500
Las Vegas NV $520
Miami FL $430
Phoenix AZ $420
Mesa AZ $410

Factors that determine the cost of removal of Queen Palm

1. The Height of the tree

This is the main determining factor when it comes to the cost of removing any palm tree. This is because the height of a queen’s palm determines the amount of labor needed to remove the tree.

The taller the tree is, the harder it is to access and the more dangerous the job gets. Having an extremely tall queen palm will also mean that doing it yourself may not be a safe option thereby forcing you to hire a professional tree removal company.

2. The urgency of the situation

The more urgent the tree removal booking is the costlier it will be. This is because the workers will need to work harder as the time for preparation has been cut short. The tree removal company may also have other bookings on hand so extra payment will be necessary for a fast job.

3. The condition of the tree

The condition of the queen palm tree will determine the cost of removal. If a tree is healthy, well-maintained, and in relatively good condition, it will be cheaper to remove it. This is in comparison to a diseased ill-maintained tree in relatively poor condition.

This is because trees in good condition are easier to handle and create little issues. Poorly maintained trees require special care as they can easily cause issues with falling branches, weak stems to attach equipment, etc.

4. Accessibility to the tree

The easier it is to get to the queen palm tree with all the necessary equipment, the cheaper the cost of removal. Trees in tight spots or with limited access require maneuvering and double planning and preparation to get all the pieces of equipment needed for tree removal to the tree.

This becomes additional labor that will take more hours thereby increasing the cost of the tree removal. Some trees will have to be removed manually or semi-manually due to accessibility issues. This will lead to a significant increase in the final cost of the tree removal.

Ways to reduce the cost of Queen Palm removal

Queen Palm removal

For many households looking to get rid of their queen palm trees for whatever reason, the average cost for tree removal may be expensive and unaffordable. Here are simple ways you can reduce the cost of a queen palm removal;

1. Do it yourself

The best way to reduce or even eliminate the cost of a queen palm removal is by doing it yourself. This is the best alternative to hiring a professional tree removal company. You can invite friends and family over and make it a fun affair.

However, DIY tree removals are only recommended for small palm trees that require little to no training. A taller, more mature palm tree may require climbing to get to the fronds and should only be attempted by trained professionals.

2. Book the estimate in winter

Tree services are usually just selling firewood in winter depending on which state they are located in.

This is great because there is little demand and an oversupply of tree services. This swings the supply-demand equation in your favor. Getting the job done in winder can save you 10 – 20% on average.

4. Create easy access to the tree

Clear up any obstructions such as cars, bins, and any other mobile items blocking access to the tree. This allows the tree service to get heavy equipment closer to the tree and reduces the hours needed for removal. This, in turn, reduces the cost of professional tree removal.

5. Handle the debris removal yourself

Cleaning up the tree debris is a big part of why the cost of tree removal is very high. You can decide to handle the cleaning of the tree debris after the job to cut down this cost.

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