Tree removal in Orange County CA can be expensive, but there are some great little tricks to help you save.

The average cost to remove a tree in Orange County, California, is $1,275. Cost can vary greatly depending on the size of the tree and its location on your property.

Factors affecting the tree removal cost in Orange County include the tree size, obstacles around the tree, tree condition, obstacles around the tree, and time of year.

Tree Removal Cost in Orange County

The average cost of tree removal in Orange County based on height is shown in the table below:

Tree heightAverage cost of tree removal 
20 feet$500$280
40 feet$1,000$560
60 feet$1,500$840
80 feet$2,000$1,120
Cost of tree removal based on height

Do I need a permit to remove a tree in Orange county?

In order to know whether you’ll need a permit to get rid of your tree or not, it’s first important to check whether the tree sits on public or private property. Trees sitting on private property require that you get a permit before removing them.

Also, small trees less than 5 inches in diameter, whether sitting on private property or not, do not require a permit before removing them. However, tree conservation ordinances can change with time, so it’s important to check with your local council whenever you’re in doubt over removing a tree with or without a permit.

Factors that influence tree removal costs in Orange County

Before getting quotes from tree removal companies, you’ll need to provide some details for them to assess what the tree removal cost will be. Pricing for tree removal can vary based on the height of the tree and the accessibility of the tree on the site.

The type of equipment needed for the removal can impact the cost as well. Below is the breakdown of the factors and how it affects your tree removal cost.

Height of the tree: It’s a well-known fact that the taller a tree is, the higher the removal cost will be.

Accessibility: A tree that is easily accessible to contractors and their equipment will be cheaper than another tree of the same size that is not easily accessible.  Trees that are not easily accessible will mostly require extra equipment or additional crew members, and this will be reflected in the pricing.

It always saves time and effort if the tree company is able to pull their equipment next to the trees they’re working on, or at least onto your driveway.

Debris Hauling: If you’d like the tree removal company to haul the debris resulting from tree removal, the hauling distance will affect your tree removal cost. to long distances, your bottom line could change.

Proximity to powerlines: If your tree has grown so close to powerlines, you may likely pay higher because it requires the expertise of certified line clearance professionals. However, you should endeavor to check with your utility company if your tree has grown close to power lines. You may be lucky to get it removed for free.

Emergency Service: If your tree falls unexpectedly due to reasons such as a windstorm, you may find yourself needing an emergency tree removal service. In this case, you may need to pay a higher fee than the actual cost to the tree company. This is because they will have to drop all that they’re doing and come to your aid.

Pest and disease invaded trees: Trees that are infested with harmful pests may attract an additional cost. Invasion of pests such as fungi, bees, hornets, wasps, termites, or other critters on your tree may require getting rid of them before tree removal.

Some of these cases may require the service of professional pest control experts and some of them can be handled by the tree service company. In either case, prepare to pay an additional fee. Diseased or dead trees are also difficult to handle.

Climbing dead tree branches and hollow trees is extremely dangerous and unpredictable. It may sometimes require using special tools and machinery for the sake of safety.

Does insurance cover the cost of tree removal in Orange County?

Yes. If you’re removing a tree that poses a threat or causes damage to your property, your homeowner’s insurance will likely cover it. Most homeowners’ policies will cover both the costs of removing the tree and the damages it has made to your property.

However, if your tree falls on your neighbor’s property not out of negligence, their insurance will need to cover the damages.

Will I hurt the environment if I remove my tree?

Healthy trees are good for the environment. If there’s no solid reason to remove your tree, it’s best to leave it alive. However, by removing diseased or damaged trees in Orange County, you will be helping the environment by eliminating the risk of affecting nearby trees or structures.

If you’re looking to get rid of a tree to make way for home expansion, it’s recommended that you replant the trees somewhere else in your yard. This way you’ll be achieving your aim without significantly hurting the environment. If you can’t avoid removing a tree, tree-planting charities are a great way to keep your carbon footprint low for future generations.

Will I hurt the environment if I remove my tree

How to save cost on tree removal

Request the service in the off-season: It is easier and cheaper to remove your trees in winter. February and March are statistically the cheaper months for tree removal and they’re otherwise known as the “dormant season” for trees.

During the winter the leaves have fallen from the trees making it easier for a tree service to cut down the tree safely and quickly. Most tree removal companies will also have a few trees to remove at this time, so you can expect to get cheaper services.

Create easy access to the trees: If you’re able to make the tree site easy to access, you’re saved from paying extra. Trees located in inaccessible places makes it difficult for the workers and equipment to do a hitch-tree job. Even if it means getting permission from your neighbor to gain better access through their compound, it’s worth it and your tree removal cost will be more affordable.

Fallen trees: If your tree has already fallen without falling on a structure, you can expect to pay a much lesser cost compared to having the tree company cut down and remove the tree. If your tree has already fallen, reach out to the tree company and negotiate for a far cheaper cost of removal.

Reach out to tree companies close to you: Tree companies usually charge the mileage as part of operational cost. The distance traveled from their company to your home is what is referred to as mileage. So, even with a cheaper cost of tree removal, you can end up paying higher if you’re using a tree company that will have to travel a very long distance.

Get multiple quotes: By getting multiple quotes from tree companies close to you, you can be sure of going for the very best deal. Each quote will give an estimate of how they will do the job and what it will cost, you can easily choose the one whose service you love and whose cost is most affordable.

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Free tree removal in Orange County

There are ways to get your tree removed for free in Orange County, California. Some of these ways are mentioned below:

Public trees within the right of way: If a city tree close to your property is becoming a hindrance, you can reach out to the city council to remove such a tree at no cost to you. You can visit the City of Orange, CA at 300 E. Chapman Ave. Orange, CA 92866. You can also reach them by phone at (714) 744-2225.

Line clearing services by utility companies: If your tree has grown so close to power lines, you should not attempt to trim or remove them yourself to avoid electrocution. You should reach out to your utility company and they will have their line clearance expert do the job, usually at no cost to you.

Utility companies such as OUC do timely maintenance of power lines by trimming invading branches. If you want to request a tree trimming or removal, you need to fill out this form and they will get back to you.

Dead or hazardous tree removal: The County of Orange’s tree maintenance program also includes the removal of damaged trees and any trees creating a public hazard. If you’re suspecting a hazardous tree around you, especially one on public property, you may submit a service request or contact the OC Operations & Maintenance office at (714) 955-0200.

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