When a favorite tree dies, or if it has to be cut down, it does not mean that it is the end of it. You can keep the tree stump for remembrance and turn it into a landscape ornament. This way, you will keep the tree’s memories for a long time.

There are so many ways you can decorate your garden using tree stumps. Whether you have a big, medium, or small garden, you can turn it into an exciting space with your old tree stamp using the following creative ideas.

Whether the stump is still rooted to the ground or uprooted, you can turn it into a beautiful garden in your backyard. Use the stump to create a beautiful flower bed that will make your yard look eccentric and appealing.

If the stump’s center is already hollow, you will only need to add soil and start planting your flowers. In most cases, you will have to carve out the stump, to design the perfect depression. Select good quality soil and colorful flowers of different types and plant them on the stump.

If your new curved basin holds water, drill a few holes on the side to allow water to drain. This will prevent the flower roots from rotting due to excess water.

Wooden Stump Table

Are you wondering how you can make your old tree stump useful? A wooden stump table for your garden will do. It is good to eat out in the garden sometimes and have a great time with your loved ones.

Instead of buying an expensive outdoor dining table and seats, you can create your own table using the old tree stump. With simple wooden chairs or benches, you will have a rustic dining area outdoors.

To design this table, you will need to flatten the stump, and then create a thick flat tabletop from wood. If you still have the wood you harvested from your stump, the process will be much easier. When selecting or creating your tabletop, ensure it is appealing and attractive to spruce up the space.

Flower Pot/Basket Stand

If you do not want to go over all the hassle of making a stump planter, you can create a beautiful flower pot/basket stand. This way, you will not have to curve the tree stump, which may be a tiring process.

Select a flower pot or basket of your choice and fill it with soil. After that, look for different flowers of your choice and plant them in your pot or basket. You will need to flatten the stump’s surface to make it even so that your flower pot or basket stays stable.

If you wish, you can paint the tree stump to a preferred color to make it look more appealing and protect it from deterioration.

Fairy Home

Create a simple yet unique fairy home for your favorite fairy character from books and animations using an old tree stump. The fairy home will make your compound look beautiful and attractive because of its unique creation.

To build this home, you will need a crafted door and a thatched roof. You may need to plant some flowers and add a fence to make the house more appealing.

If you wish, you can create a secret garden around your fairy home to hold small parties with your favorite people. Add some crafted wooden seats for comfort in your secret garden to relax and read your fairy book as you sip your hot coffee.

Board Game Platform

Turn your old tree stump into a creative board game and keep your kids happy and occupied during weekends, holidays, or after school. Design a simple secret garden and design a good-looking board that will keep the kids busy and reduce screen time.

Creating this board is simple as you only need to apply a coat or two of exterior sealer to the top of the wood. The sealer will preserve the game board from being damaged by weather elements.

Involve your kids in crafting the pieces of the game to make the experience fun and exciting. For instance, you can ask them to paint smooth rocks to resemble small ladybirds for the tic tac toe game.

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Beautiful Garden Chair

If you are wondering what to do with your tree stump, consider turning it into a beautiful garden chair. If the stump is large and tall, it will make the perfect chair for your backyard or secret spot.

Carve the stump into the style and shape you want to create the perfect chair. Once you finish carving, add clear varnish or protective paint to protect the stump from weather elements.

If, by chance, you have another stump in your home, use it to create a small table for a perfect outdoor relaxation area during hot days.

Garden Sculpture

If you love sculptures, this is for you. Your tree stump can transform into a perfect sculpture of your choice. This is the ideal opportunity to turn an old tree stump into a beautiful décor statue for those who love carving.

Use characters from your favorite fairy books or even the bible characters if you are a religious person. With several stumps, you can turn your garden into a small museum filled with your favorite characters. Be creative and invent a unique carving that will remind you of something or just for garden décor.

Big Garden Bench

If your stump is big, why don’t you turn it into a big outdoor bench under the trees? With a serene place to relax, you can spend quality time with your loved ones. If you love spending time in the woods, this is the perfect way to spend quality time after a long stressful day or week.

A commercial chainsaw and a large tree stump are all you need to create this bench. The chainsaw will make the first top cut to remove a large section to create enough sitting area. To remove the interior wood from the bench, a smaller chainsaw will be required.


Do you love birds and would like to appreciate the beauty they bring to nature? Design a creative birdbath to provide free-roaming birds with a special place to cool off during hot days.

Look for a clay basin and place it on top of the stump. Make sure the surface of the stump is flat to offer optimal stability to the basin. You may or may not paint the stump depending on your preference.

The basin will also provide clean drinking water to all types of birds and insects. What a lovely way to appreciate nature!

Tree stumps can be turned into unique and useful decorations for your outdoor and indoor space using the above 12 ideas. So, if you have a tree stump in your compound, think about turning it into a fantastic object besides chopping it into firewood logs.

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