The cost to cut a tree down is different from the complete tree removal. Cutting a tree down is safely getting the upright tree on the ground.

The average cost to cut down a tree is $1,420. This will not include the removal of the branches, trunk or stump. Complete tree removal will cost $2,325 for the same-size tree.

Several factors other than the size of the tree will add to the cost of cutting it down.

National Average$1,420
Low Estimate$250
High Estimate$2,250
Real Average Range$1,220 - $1,850

Note: These prices are based on a medium-sized tree 25 – 35 feet in height with good access and room to work

The average cost per foot to cut down a tree is $47.30. This can vary depending on the difficulty of the access and location of the tree. A tree in a backyard, behind a shed, with power cables running through it, is going to cost more per foot than a tree in a front yard with no obstacles.

Cost to cut down a tree by size

The size of the tree is the number one factor that determines the cost of cutting a tree down. In the rice range, we try to incorporate different types so it’s a little broad. Down a little further we look at the cost of cutting a tree down by type or species.

Height (ft.)Average Price
Small15 - 20 ft.$250 - $820
Medium20 - 35 ft.$820 - $1,620
Large35 - 60 ft.$1,620 - $2,400
XL60 - 120 ft.$2,400 - $3,850

Small tree

Cutting down a small tree is sometimes as easy as walking up to the tree and cutting it from the base. Because there is no removal of the tree it will cost from $250 to $820. The higher price will account for trees in hard-to-get locations that need to be climbed and taken down piece by piece.

Medium tree

These can potentially be cheap to drop, depending on the access and how technical the takedown is. Even if it can be cut from the base, for the most part, chances are the tree will need to be climbed to attach a rope to the top to help pull it over. To cut down a medium tree you can expect to pay $820 to $1,620.

Large tree

Larger trees can be a little more difficult to cut down and you will pay up to $2,400 to cut down a large tree. They will most likely need to be taken down piece by piece using a climber and ground crew, or a cherry picker.

Extra-large tree

Extra large trees are more than likely going to need a crane and a climber to cut them down safely. The average price for a large sycamore or Oak tree is $3,850, but you can pay up to $5,000.

experts cutting down a large tree

Cost per hour to cut down trees

Most tree services do not charge by the hour but by the job. This is good news for you. Let me explain. If you contracted a tree company by the hour, they could take their time and run up a large bill by going slow. Essentially you are taking on the risk if the job takes longer than expected.

By asking for a final estimate or quote, they take on the risk. If they underestimated the time needed to cut your tree down, you don’t pay a dime more.

If I had to give you an hourly price range, I would be way $350 – $550 per hour. Bearing in mind, this includes at least 3 workers on site with heavy equipment.

Cost to cut a tree down by type/species

Please see the table below for the average price of trees by type.

SpeciesCharacteristicsAverage Cost
Pine70’ tall - 22” single trunk and small branches weighing 4,200 pounds.$1,350
Conifer< 50’ tall - 6” single trunk and bushy branches weighing 2,200 pounds.$550
Spruce65’ tall - 11” trunk with small branches weighing 2,800 pounds.$720
Maple45’ tall - single 10” main leader trunk and small bushy branches weighing 3,100 pounds.$550
Oak60’ tall - 30” trunk and long thick branches weighing 8,500 pounds.$1,900
Sycamore85’ tall - 15” trunk and weighing 7,200 pounds.$1,350
Eucalyptus80’ tall - single or dual trunk w/ large branches weighing 6,400 pounds.$1,620
Date Palm60’ tall w/ single 50” trunk and large fronds weighing 8,200 Pounds.$1,800

Complete tree removal cost

As discussed above, the cost to cut down and remove a tree is slightly different from just cutting it down and leaving the waste disposed of by the owner. Complete tree removal can cost up to $7,900 for large trees.

We have a complete guide to tree removal costs for your reference here.

Cost factors of cutting down a tree

Tree size – This is the most obvious one. The more trees there are, the more it will cost to cut them down.

Trunk girth – Two trees of the same height can have vastly different-sized trunks and total volumes of timber. Large trunk girth can double the cost of tree removal.

Number of branches – The sheer volume of timber in the tree is more of a factor, as 2 x oak branches are more difficult and time-consuming to remove than 20 Spruce branches. But the number of branches and difficulty to remove is certainly a factor.

Location on property and access – This is a big one. The easier a tree is to get large equipment to, the cheaper it will be to remove. If your tree is in a backyard with poor access, I recommend speaking with neighbors and seeing if you can draw a panel of fencing and get access via their yard.

Obstacles near or around the tree – This is similar to access in that if the tree takes longer to remove because of obstacles such as sheds, power cables etc., it will cost more. Time is money, so the more obstacles you can remove, the better.

Ben McInerney
Author: Ben McInerney - Ben is a qualified arborist with 15 plus years of industry experience in Arboriculture. He ran a successful tree service before turning to writing and publishing. Ben is dedicated to providing users with the most accurate up-to-date information on everything trees.